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Russian Inland Waters


Inland Waters of Russian Federation is a series of rivers, lakes, water-storage reservoirs, canals and locks which link the Black, Baltic and White seas. It's overall length is 5000+ km. 


Western Russia is crisscrossed with hundreds of interconnected waterways that wind between charming towns, landscapes and major cities such as Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, Arkhangelsk, Nizhniy Novgorod, Kazan, Samara, Volgograd and Rostov-on-Don and many others. Almost all of these waterways have been dredged with a minimum depth of 3,4 - 4 m.


Though most of cities have berthing facilities for pleasure yachts, it is still convenient to anchor for overnight and use tender boat for landing. For some remote and beautiful areas tender boat can be the only one solution due to ebsence of any infrustructure around.


Sailing in Russia will no doubt require more planning, but we ensure you that the destination will justify the journey. Our team will take care about all organization processes  and formalities to keep your jorney comfortable, safe and memorable.


We will be indeed pleased to support you with detailed navigational and hydrographic summary of Russian Inland Waters upon your request and to work out your personal complete itinerary including shore excursions, marine and ground services.