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Our services

"Inland Waters" is a Russian professional services company performing destination management to Inland Waterways of Russian Federation and marine port agency services.


Our company is possessing extensive local knowledge, experience and resources, specializing in design and implementation of complete voyage programs, namely:


- cruise itinerary planning,

- pre-arrival formalities and assistance,

- port clearance,

- shore activities and events,

- wide range of excursion tours,

- transportation,

- concierge services,

- supply and bunkering,

- VIP services and other logistics.


We welcome you to start the cruise at any part of Russia you prefer:


- Black sea (Sochi or Rostov-on-Don ports),

- Baltic sea (Saint-Petersburg), 

- White sea (Arkhangelsk).


And to spend inside as much as you desire: starting from couple of days till the monthly passage from one sea to another. The list of attractions is never-ending and every customer will find his interest inside the Inland Waters of Russia: Culture & Historical, Activity, Leisure and many many others.


Very truly yours,


Inland Waters team